TJ Doyle Musician/Humanitarian

T.J. Doyle, L.A's proponent of Americana music that presents his love of the Earth and the people on it, will present his newest single, "Anonymous" tomorrow.... Sept. 7.

On Totem Artists and distributed by Dash/Go, "Anonymous" is "a tribute to anyone who has felt marginalized", says Doyle.  As the song says, "Don't you know that you are golden, Don't believe you're anonymous".

At a time when divisions seem to be so loud in people's minds, TJ Doyle feels music can bring calm, so he presents ideas that help dissuade the internal discourse that is prevalent in our society today. In "Anonymous" particularly, the singer/songwriter says, " It is my hope the listener can take away the thought they have something very special in them, and start to fan the flames of this 'self', so they can 'spread their wings and FLY'!"