A Lesson From A Young Rod Stewart

The young man, looking a little ragged approached Rod Stewart in a Holiday Inn hallway in Chicago. It was in the early 70s and Rod wasn't a household name yet, but he was a rock star. The kid about twenty years old approached him and admonished Rod for his "fancy" life style while he (the kid) had to struggle and scratch out a living. Rod, very seriously looked at him and, without any attitude in his voice told him about his time living on the streets, digging graves for a living, having doubts about his future. "I worked my way out of that. Don't give me shit for enjoying some success". Lesson learned. Don't envy others, it just holds you back. Most of the time triumphs come from hard work, sacrifice and determination that may not be obvious to you. Look at the people and their careers. Learn from their experiences and believe in yourself. That's power.